It's highly recommended

VetPrep was very helpful. It provided a structured way for me to prepare for the NAVLE® and I have and will continue to recommend it to other vet students!

Erin, Minnesota

VetPrep is the bomb! I strongly feel that the VetPrep program was a thorough and comprehensive approach to preparing for the NAVLE®. It was the only means of studying I completed prior to passing the exam the first time. I highly recommend the course to veterinary students 1-2 months prior to taking the NAVLE®! It is well-worth the money spent.

Autumn, Auburn

The convenience of VetPrep made it the only feasible way for me to study for the NAVLE® during fourth-year rotations. I'd recommend it for anyone writing their boards!

Kerry, Guelph

Even though I was a good student in vet school, I had a difficult time passing the NAVLE® I used all of the review books and guides, etc., but missed passing by a point. VetPrep made all the difference. The explanations are great, as well as the repetition of the questions. With it being web based, I liked that I could use it from wherever I had internet access. I felt very prepared for the exam and passed with flying colors this time. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive review. I will definitely recommend it to others!

Erin, Ohio

It's the most efficient and effective way to study

VetPrep was a great way to get through the areas I was most weak at. There were several questions that I would not have gotten right if I had not done VetPrep. I had a great experience with it and I could not have been as efficient with my limited study time if I had not used it.

Romina, Florida

VetPrep was an excellent study aid and I felt very prepared when I took the exam. The statistics helped me focus my study sessions on the areas that I was weakest and I feel that I have retained a good deal of the information because I was able to spend extra time on my problem areas. Thanks VetPrep!!

Jon, Colorado

VetPrep helped me focus my studying. Given the overwhelmingly large body of information we had to study--this focus was key in preparing for boards.

Marisa, Ohio

I graduated the vet school 23 years ago in another country (and another language, of course). Now I have a demanding job and a demanding family, I could not imagine I could pass the NAVLE® test on the first try and only with 4 -5 months of preparation (a couple of hours every day). Thanks to the VetPrep I could update a lot of information and I could remember what I have learned in school so long ago, your methods and concentrated materials it made it possible. With my everyday job and family, I thought that I need few years of preparation. Thank you, I really appreciate your effectiveness!

Ioan, Europe

Made all the difference

Thanks! What a fun and easy way to prepare for boards!

Dawn, Western

VetPrep made all the difference! Thanks!

Todd, Washington

Loved it. Thanks to VetPrep I PASSED the first time round! Whoohoo!

Loretta, Ross

A great experience - very easy and convenient to use, very stimulating and fun format.

Julia, Royal Veterinary College

Amazing! I wouldn't have had any other good way to structure my studying, it made all the difference. I ended up with an 89 score (passing 75) really with only doing 100% of VetPrep. So evidently it was more than enough!

Johanna, Ohio

I feel that VetPrep was the best overall preparation for the NAVLE® and the most interactive and entertaining as well.

Nick, Ross

I think VetPrep was a great tool in studying for the NAVLE®. I felt it provided adequate information and made studying actually somewhat fun and entertaining. Thanks for the great service.

Jaime, Iowa

I loved it and couldn't have passed NAVLE® without it! Even now, many times, I can think of the answer in difficult cases because of something I learned preparing for NAVLE® using VetPrep!

Leslie, Missouri

I really think that using VetPrep made the difference in my passing the NAVLE®. Even when I was too tired to pull out a review book, it was easy to sit down and do some multiple choice questions on the computer. Thanks!

Erin, Georgia

As a foreign graduate I have always been somewhat isolated in preparing for the NAVLE®. The VetPrep material was the most helpful in preparing for this test. It kept me focused and prevented me from getting lost in a myriad of textbooks and class notes from well meaning veterinarians. After several attempts I finally passed the NAVLE® by using the VetPrep as a core study guideline. Thank you so much for creating this material!!

Nana, New York

You can use it anywhere and anytime you want

VetPrep was great in helping prepare for the NAVLE®. Senior year is so busy that you are overwhelmed with where to start and how to time manage to actually study. VetPrep was great because if you had 30 minutes you could sit down and answer VetPrep questions and feel like you got something accomplished, whereas if you were just trying to read notes or text you wouldn't have accomplished anything. I even used it on my externship!

Jessica, Purdue

VetPrep definitely helped me pass the NAVLE® on the first try. The best part about it was that I could access it from any computer even at the clinic or from home. There were also definitely some questions on boards which I would not have known if it weren't for VetPrep.

Lisa, Illinois

This was the best tool I used to study for the NAVLE®. Not only were the questions on a broad range of topics, some of which I hadn't thought to study, but it was also fun to use. I have a laptop and was able to access the site from almost anywhere I was. On the NAVLE®, I had some similar questions to topics that I had previously seen on VetPrep - this boosted my confidence during my writing of the NAVLE®. Thank you so much to VetPrep! I passed and I thank you for that!

Kara, Guelph

I am glad I used VetPrep. It allowed me to review questions over whatever time I had. I know there are questions that where on NAVLE® that I learned on VetPrep that no one ever went over in a class. Thanks!

Devin, California

Students love the comprehensive explanations and questions

It prepared me very well for NAVLE® exam. It was very convenient and the question explanations were great.

Fonda, Minnesota

The instant win-lose with explanation makes VetPrep the crack cocaine of NAVLE® preparation. The question format makes it easy to study during clinical rotations when one is pressed for time and tired. There were probably 20 to 30 questions on the NAVLE® about diseases or pathogens/toxins not common to my school's geographic region where I literally said 'Thank You VetPrep'

Bruce, Saskatchewan

Overall this was the best study resource for me regarding the NAVLE®...when you're in the middle of clinical rotations, with three years of rigorous and exhausting textual courses behind you, it is difficult to sit down and study pages of written material. VetPrep was so helpful because the question format keeps you motivated, almost like a game... you watch your percentages in certain areas and it helps you focus on your weak points so that you can study them more extensively. The answers were great as so many study materials in question format just give the answer without explanation. Here, you could get the answer and then read about why that answer is correct and more importantly why the others are not correct which is key in strategy for the NAVLE® as so many of the multiple choice answers start to look the same.. I don't know how I would have passed without this resource so thank you so much. I have already recommended to numerous classmates in the year below me to use VetPrep for their NAVLE® preparation for next year.

Tamara, Pennsylvania

You'll be ready for exam day because it feels just like the NAVLE®

I loved the reason for each answer that is used with VetPrep. It is quick and to the point which allows for easier retention of the material. I also found the way your test section was set-up got me in the groove for NAVLE®. I was much more at ease sitting at a computer taking an exam after doing VetPrep.

Jennifer, Mississippi

I loved VetPrep! It was so much easier to do VetPrep questions than to read through notes or texts. Questions on VetPrep are very similar to the NAVLE® and it adequately prepared me. I highly recommend it!

Heather, Guelph

VetPrep was excellent. The explanations to the questions were great and the support staff answered all my questions. The format is just like the NAVLE® and as I sat down to take the boards I realized how glad I was that I took VetPrep.

Stephanie, Georgia

It's way better than books and seminars

I thought it was great! I am someone that always panics about major tests! The only thing I had time for was VetPrep and I passed on the first try. It is really a great program and I don't think I ever would have passed had I tried to go through my class notes or read books, etc.

Rachel, Illinois

I really, really enjoyed VetPrep - it actually made studying for boards fun! I loved watching my score increase; it boosted my confidence and kept my attention. VetPrep gave me a sense of progress - I wasn't just randomly reading facts and trying to memorize them. Thank you!

Jacqueline, Texas

VetPrep was an excellent way for me to study when I didn't have the desire to open my notes. Several times I would start with VetPrep and then I would get into the studying mode and would continue studying. I am not sure where I would have started without VetPrep. It is an excellent way to see what areas you need assistance with and it also gives you confidence in certain subjects.

Lauren, Colorado

Phenomenal customer support

I emailed in a comment...I was very impressed that someone actually emailed me back regarding my question and was looking into modifying it. It was nice to know that someone was actually taking our comments into consideration.

Tara, Saskatchewan

I have testing anxiety, my first stab at NAVLE® found me in denial - I did very few of the VetPrep questions. Second stab at NAVLE®, I didn't do VetPrep, still in denial Third attempt, I answered all of the practice questions. The Support team at VetPrep was wonderful at getting me set up with VetPrep. I can not say enough great things about them! And I passed!! The repetition of the questions really helps with memory and definitely takes some of the anxiety away for those of us that freeze during tests. I felt more confident after VetPrep and better prepared - I also feel the program helps hone reasoning skills because the answers are explained - so you get a lot of why the answer is such.


It's a great value

Thanks so much! It was the best money I spent the entire time I was trying to study for boards!

Cherie, Ohio

I'm definitely planning to mention VetPrep in my exit interview - it's the only major study source I used. Because of my rough clinic schedule, I didn't have time to do further studying except to attend a few faculty-led review sessions (on porcine and avian topics) and go through the NBVME tutorial the night before I took the NAVLE®. I passed the first time I took the test. Definitely worth the subscription price.


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